Anna Sugarman – Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer

I have had the honor of learning from and sharing Mariana’s expertise over the last seven years, as she’s trained with me in yoga, meditation and breathwork, and extended her extensive knowledge and skillset on various yoga teacher trainings and workshops. Mariana’s dedication to the practice, her extensive knowledge of yoga, meditation, breathwork, anatomy, psychology, spirituality and extraordinary understanding of its relevance to modern lifestyle, along with her empathy for those new to the vast subject, seamlessly combines with her sincere kindness, brilliant humor and engaging teaching, as her contagious passion elevates others’ capacity to evolve. A gifted leader, Mariana is astonishing with beginners, whilst her ego-less demeanor makes her a true teachers’ teacher. In classes, workshops and trainings internationally, her guidance nourishes and inspires intrinsic desire for self-discovery well beyond the necessary lessons required. Her students appreciate her clarity and confidence as she encourages them to look deep, question and grow. Not only has Mariana been a dear friend and incredible teacher to me personally, she has increased the value of my yoga teacher trainings exponentially. I graciously, goldenly attest to Mariana’s outstanding superpowers in the realms of teaching from the heart to the soul.

Djamel Bride – Chorégraphe, Professeur de Yoga, Fondateur du Yoga O

L’approche de Mariana dans ses cours, est douce, bienveillante bien que tonique. On suit son « flow » agréable qui permet de transpirer tout en travaillant l’amplitude articulaire et musculaire de notre corps. Elle permet vraiment à tous les niveaux de pratiquants de trouver leur place grâce à un Vinyasa moderne et adapté à nous (européen) tout en respectant la tradition.